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Fresh Local & Organic Fruits & Vegetables

Naturally Raised Meat & Sustainably Harvested Fish

Freshly Roasted Fair Trade-Certified Coffee

Over 50 Organic Herbs, Spices, & Seasonings

Foods from India, Japan, Thailand, and the Mediterranean

The greatest names in natural foods:

Eden, Amy’s, Annie’s, Blue Sky, Ezekial, Frontier 

Oils, Vinegars, Dressings, Flours,  Beans, Grains, Soups, Pastas, Condiments, Juices, Apple Sauces, Sweeteners, Nut & Seed Butters, Jellies, Breads, Teas, Sodas, Chips & Salsas,  Ice Creams & Sorbets, Dairy & Nondairy Milks, Tofu & Tempeh, Frozen Entrees, Frozen Meats & Vegetables, Baby Foods

Kiss My Face Soaps, Lotions, Shampoos -- Giovanni Natural Shampoos and Soaps --  Dr Bronner’s Liquid & Bar Soaps -- Ecco Bella and Honeybee Gardens Cosmetics -- Aura Cacia Essential Oils  --  Recycled Paper Products -- Biodegradable Cleaners

Homeopathic Wellness -- Whole Food Supplements -- Baby, Child, & Mother Support -- Natural Medicine Cabinet



205 Main Street



Downtown Hattiesburg, Mississippi

New Yokel Market Hours:

 Open Monday - Saturday: 10 am until 6 pm

We have expanded our grocery selection nearly 500% since we opened in December 2005. You will find a single-faced expansive selection (look again!) of GOODS FOR THE GOOD LIFE. No, we still do not carry as much as the corporate natural food stores or the cooperatives of large municipalities, but for our small size (1500 square feet of store space), we believe our selection rivals the best.

We have added a wide variety of wellness products to naturally care and beautify your body, to improve your nutrition, and to explore an alternative approach to medicine. As always, your suggestions are so important to us, and we encourage you to tell us what you like or would like to see.

We love being downtown.

Visit our neighbors: Main Street Books and the Thirsty Hippo.

Explore the rest of downtown Hattiesburg while you're at it!

Heck, now head back up Hardy to check out T-Bone Records.

The internet can get you lost or help you find.

Explore a few places we like to go...

Mr. Wendell Berry of Kentucky - Resources regarding a simple visionary from our times observing humanity's relationship with Earth still hopeful for the future.

Michael Pollan - Great writer and teacher links seemingly disparate philosphical understandings of the natural world with appropriate issues of considerable concern to relate signficant and beneficial knowledge.

Local Harvest - Find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other good things.

Slow Food USA - International organization founded in Italy devoted to preserving traditional foodways and educating people about food as a center of community.

Southern Foodways - Founded at the University of Mississippi in 1977, organization helps preserve Southern approaches to eating, from farming to cooking.

Food Routes - Another way towards enjoying local food opportunites.

One Hundred Mile Diet - A nice idea. The right reality.  Just try it.

Organic Consumers Association

Rainbow Whole Foods Co-Operative Grocery - Mississippi's other dedicated natural foods retailer. We love shopping here, too!

Pascagoula River - The Pascagoula remains the last large free-flowing waterway. Learn why we are so lucky.

Black Creek Wilderness - Forest swath offers Mississippi's longest hiking trail and sole National River. Nearly the ideal place for a New Yokel to spend some time.

Mississippi Canoe and Kayak Club - Get out on a local waterway soon and have a good time.

Longleaf Trace - A  41 mile multi-purpose linear park with its primary station here in Hattiesburg. Soon, the Trace will make its way downtown to the new Hattiesburg Intermodal Center at the historic Depot.

The Andrew Jessup Gallery - Located in Biloxi, here's the place to find many of Spence Townsend's finest work to date. Also, Andy hosts several other great Hattiesburg artists.

Dead Man Dancing - Our friend TC Byrd keeps this page together and helps keep Hattiesburg nightlife interesting. Thank you, Tandy!  

Truckstop Honeymoon - Music we think everyone should like.


"Organic" essentially means food grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides or GMO's.

America uses about 82,000 chemicals;    less than a quarter have been tested for toxicity.

Humans have farmed for 10,000 years. We have used chemicals for fifty.

"In its complexity   and its potential longevity, the soil exceeds our comprehension; we   do not know how       to place a just market value on it, and we will never learn how. Its value is inestimable; we must value it, beyond whatever price we put on it, by respecting it." -- Wendell Berry

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